Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wedding and Prom Season is Here~

May, June are the 2 months that are mostly busy with Prom, Wedding rush... Right after Mother's day, most florists will get lots of orders for the high school proms for Thursday and Friday; and then wedding on the weekend. Sometimes there are multiple schools having the prom on the same week. Many times that we have to premake the pre-ordered corsages & boutonnieres 2 nights before juts to finish all the orders. The volume is good for business during the economic down time but it gave us lots of green and cracking fingers just to wire all these flowers. Each corsage take about 10-30 minutes depending on how many flowers to wire and how difficult to wire the flowers. Out of all flowers, I love to wire roses or carnations since they are the quickest to get done... Besides the proms, there comes the wedding flowers. Same with lots corsages and boutonnieres making. Other than that, it will have bouquets, centerpieces and the alter arrangements/head table pieces/cake deco arrangement. Sometimes we will have multiple wedding over the same weekend. But most of them are bouquets and flowers to wear. Recent years I found that people tend to decorate the table or the hall themselves with whatever they can found cheaper in price. Sometimes the decoration don't need to involve with flowers. Often time, people can get fabric from Fabricland or some fabric wholesale to decorate the hall with. You usually can get a great deal on Lights right after Christmas. People uses lanterns, crystals, marbles or rose petals to decorate. As long as you can find some friend and family to help and plan them all out, it usually not hard at all. Rushing usually causes a lot of dramas... In order to avoid these dramas, we always stick a big note at the store window to tell the kids when is the prom order deadline; otherwise we will never finish all the orders till morning... And still the kids will come at the last minutes just an hour before they get on the limos and ask if we still make corsages or boutonnieres...

Thanks Mom!!!

Seems before and after Mother's day there was a big gap of period that I don't even have time to touch my computer... Lot's of emails to respond, and lots of junk mails to delete. Updating whatever has to be updated... Lack of motivation to doing anything else but sleep... Oh well, it's just a typical symptom of laziness/recovery right after Mother's day rush. Right before Mother's day Sunday, there was a big prom going happening on Thursday... Good 40-50 pcs of corsages and boutonnieres orders to make right before all the holiday rush... I haven't seen or said hello and kiss my daughter and son during Mother's day weekend. Me and my husband went out to store to get ready for the preparation at 7am and didn't come back home till later of the night around midnight. As a florist after all the years, I really missed all the big holidays. We did work a lot to satisfy other people and customers during the big holidays, but we missed our own quality time with our family a lot. Thanks to my mom (and dad) that they are very helpful to take care of our kids while we are busy~~~ Thanks Mom!!! We love you~~~

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