Saturday, 27 November 2010

Patricia's Studio Ebay store change...

I'd finally decided not to keep my eBay store active to sell my paintings and prints. Why? I'd found the better home! My own website with the Zen Cart application!!! After a period of testing and trying on this Zen-cart program, I finally can make it fully function to showcase and sell my artworks! Oh well, occasionally I may have my artworks for auctions at the auction website for a bit, but in long term for economic reason, I'll just keep it in my own website and promote them here~

I'd made the new flash animation for entry at
The store location is at
How simple!!! Please come visit!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New homepage look

Haha... I just made a new flash for my homepage before entering the store part. It's fun =)
Check this out
It will directly load to the store part. This is the first time I'd open the Zen-cart store. And gradually I'll have to move my original paintings to my zen-cart store since it's easier and cheaper to manage... Economical concern... XD **save$**
Anyway, hope the new website is easier to manage and will have lots of updates with new graphics and new comics!

Recently the place I work was super busy... @o@... Hopefully I'll have more energy left when the busy season is over... maybe in Mid December... Right now my right arm is so sore~ partly from the mouse I used at work... There was a pain spot that I really want to have acupuncture on... ouch!

Winter is getting closer, and I really want to get a 2nd hand car for driving to work... Really tired of having no freedom... **sign**

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