Monday, 19 July 2010

Horse ACEO Art and Fairy Art

Two original Horse ACEO available on Ebay store: Patricia's Studio
2.5x3.5 Irish Cob
2.5x3.5 Desert Horse

Original watercolor 4x6 Fairy and Chipmunk

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Got Sick...

It's not fun to get sick... My whole body is like jello and ozzy... Aching everywhere. No matter what medicine I took, it felt the same. Water just leaks automatically without me noticing XD I better go rest but tomorrow still got lots of pre-planned event going on with the family... I rather rest at bed... seriously... so sick... Not fun to be ill in the hot summer time...
This morning we took the kids to Honda Indy. It was fun and not fun at the same time. Fun part is about the racing and motorcycle shows; the not so fun part is the heat wave. We all felt like melting when we walked around the CNE area. It just too hot. We want some rain please...

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Renovating website

For those who keep and maintain their own websites, they all have to do website renovation once a while to keep the site refreshed. It may be just a small change on one little thing, or sometimes it will be a big renovation involving lots of moving stuff around that takes forever to do. I just discovered one program that can create the photo gallery very easy. Abode bridge is the one. It got the function that can make hundreds of pictures into slide shows, gallery display. And it only takes few minutes to make a gallery with hundreds of picture. You got to love it. Here's the tutorial. Now I don't have to make links and create thumbnails one by one with photoshop... That usually takes hours or more... XD

Friday, 2 July 2010

Fairy art lover

I found the hardest thing to paint a character is to make the face looks right. For this new painting for my blue wings fairy, I'd "played" for a long time on her eyes and face color with my fine paint brush. The wings are blue. I guess I'm in the blue mood... XD
"Blue Wings Fairy"
8x10" acrylic on canvas, done on June 2010

Sleepy Cats Bookmark Illustrations

Just want to do some casual painting with the sleepy cats... Gouache painting on watercolor paper 2"x6.5" in size Top: Ca...