Monday, 29 March 2010

Future plans and new projects on hand...

It's never easy to be a "night" artist~ I got a daytime job that will pay my bills; at the mean time I also got this artist job that will fulfill my dream. (Also 2 kids running around the house that needs my attention...) Life is never easy =P However, the show must go on. Tight Schedule--- Go, Go, Go!!!

Current and Future projects:

- Sketch drafts for approval for Pam K-E for her Alphabet book.

( need to have them all approved by end of April)

- Plan story lines for my witch chef / octopus lady book
(end of April)

- 4 Seasons Flower Lady (end of May) -> Lady of the Spring done.

- Rework on Jordan's Cast story (end of June)

- Dragon, Mermaid, and Fairy Series (Calendar painting) x12 (end of July)

- Prairie Angels (end of December)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fantasy Character Creating

Creating fantasy character is like writing a story with painting. Maybe it's not in words, but it's in picture. My Lady Water Deep is the first one that I actually giving her a "Name" for the character that I created. It feels like giving a name to my own child =) Water Deep is a character name I usually use in Ultima Online (UO) game I used to play when I was younger. (I don't play anymore because of lots of things to take care in the "real world", but still miss it...) My Lady Water Deep was a female warrior and swordswoman. Now she is a mermaid princess~~~ I still got lots of other ideas about the future characters to draw. Stay tuned!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Starting my documenting book...

Just a thought that I decided to start my documenting book about my paintings now and past so that I can keep a record of them. Often time I put them in my website's portfolio, but I always afraid that if one day I don't update my websites anymore or something happens to the CD or hard drive, I don't have a backup copy. I'd thought of just print out a copy and keep it in my portfolio binder for myself. In another thought, why not make a book out of them?! I'd accumulated some artworks. Maybe at the end of the year that I'm able to finish one and start a new one again XD~ *dreaming mode* (Like with the speed of 3 pages a day! Good thing that self-publishing is very handy)
Hahaha~ So fun!
I'd start to paint my fairytale series. This is a start with one - 16x20 acrylic painting - Beauty and the Beast. It's interesting to try painting in a theatrical way. With the combination of the wild animal and the lady Belle, the composition is fun~

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cannot wait to see the movie Alice in Wonderland

Recently everything is kind of "stuck" again... *sign*
I'll have to say, "Be Patient..." in a lot of things in my life. Things cannot always go in the way we want, and we have to be very very patient. But sometimes the "waiting" is just making my anxiety even worse. And sometimes I'm not sure what I'm waiting for anymore. But, hope God can help me and family pass the difficult period because we do need it.

By the way, the new movie - Alice in Wonderland is showing soon! Cannot wait to see it. Johnny Depp is my all time favorite star since my teens. I'll see you in theater Johnny~~~

Sleepy Cats Bookmark Illustrations

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