Saturday, 3 May 2014

Watercolour painting of "Little Cafe In Japan" by Patricia Chu

This watercolour painting was originally a photo taken by my dear friend Reing Chi when she went to Japan~ And I love this photo so much and decided to create a watercolour painting based on it.
This is the original image from my friend, a little cafe inside a mini lane in Japan. I don't want the people showing in the painting, so I just remove them out of the picture later... lol

First I taped down my watercolour paper on a piece of thick cardboard... Actually the cardboard is the baseboard of my watercolour paper pack that I finished... I just ripped the back of the thicker board and make it into my painting base board... And then I quickly sketch down what I want to show in the image with 4B pencil - mostly everything except the tourist people on the right side of the picture...
The green tape are just regular masking tape... (no name brand from dollar store). Paper used here is Strathmore 140lb cold press watercolour paper.

And then add a thin layer of lighter tone on top. I painted a light blue sky, also add some different light tone colours in varies areas as base colours.

Layer with more darker tone colours. I am a right-handed. So I normally starts colouring on the left and then gradually paint to the right side...

Add more colours toward to the right side and darken the shadow area.

At the end I added some white gouache to create some highlight and contrast. Most on the tree and leaves, plus the writing on the black board. And that's it~~ Hope you enjoy it \^o^/

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