Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Finally a new physio found...

Our previous beloved physiotherapist  for my boy J.R has to go on a medical leave and we'd been waiting and waiting for the Children Treatment Network to find us another children physio specialist to work on J.R's feet. Finally we got one that hopefully will fit into J.R's schedule and will work out for him... Last week he was going to get a Botox shot on his leg again (we thought) but instead the doctor said to wait till spring time because he has to do another serial casting to stretch his leg/foot muscle right after he get the needle shot. If we do it now in the winter, he won't be able to wear his boots and the cast might get wet because of the snow... Not a good idea since he has some eczema problem with the skin. If the cast gets wet, the skin will get soft and itchy... *sign* Anyway, we'll visit out new physio lady tomorrow~ Wish  J.R luck! Cheers!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My mermaid love...

I just love mermaids... Don't ask me why because I don't know why =)
This one I named it "Down in Atlantis". With a mermaid lady on a sea turtle... looks worried...
It's a watercolor with some color pencils on 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper.
Recently I took a portrait class with Glenn Bernabe. From the drawing exercises we did in class it does help me correct some of my figure drawing problems... At least it looks more proportional in this painting than the ones I did before =P
On the left was the pencil sketch on watercolor paper; and the right one was the finish painting.

Next week I have to start looking for quotes for my boy's new AFO... He'd outgrew it so fast...
And new shoes too... The new AFO probably won't fit his old shoes... *sign... more$$*

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Mermaid Art in Progress

It's so hard to find my momentum back to do paintings... So many things going on in my life that couldn't give me enough time to do illustration... My current daytime work... *stress* LOL *always be*, my son's medical condition and special needs, many other lively issues with family, fear of 2012 coming and so on... It's very complicated to live as a human being... Maybe that's why I always paint mermaid, fairies, angels and all kinds of fairytales creatures. They are my escapes to my current life. *LOL* Anyway, I'm working on a new one. Hopefully I can have it done soon and post it.
These are the recent artworks done... Pastel sketch girl portrait.
Also fairy art color pencil drawing

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