Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The New Cast

It's funny that I 'd just learned that there is "Glow in the Dark" Cast today... My little boy just got his botox shot last week since he has a bad left foot due to his medical condition that he has to wear AFO for most of this days. The doctor decided to try the cast method this time, which will stretch his muscle to the maximum day and night for the whole week. While at hospital, the doctor Leslie asked what color my boy wanted for this cast. My son cannot decide... (To many color to choose XD) And then the doctor offered "Glow in the Dark" material and it was sold!
It Did Glow in the Dark. And the new cast material only took few minutes to dry which is pretty cool. Thanks to the Bloorview Kids Rehab~ Hope it will help my boy a lot~

Top: My son's original AFO
2nd: Playing Wii with Daddy
3rd: His New Glow-in-the-Dark Cast and Blue cast-boot

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Busy week(s)...

These few weeks will be very busy for me. First, we'll have to take my little boy for treatment for his leg at Bloorview, the next week will be putting the
cast on his leg and the following week will be removing it. At the meanwhile, it's Chinese New Year... More spending and running around.
After that, I'll have to work a full time job soon~~~ Got mortgage to pay XD
Life is pretty stressful for me know; but look at a bright side, everyone is all about the same too~ I'm not the only one. Cheer up everyone! We all got better future, just have to work hard and make it happen!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

It's really annoying to know that your free email address was "un-authorized" used by someone that I have no clue as a Spam email account~ Everyday I logged in my email, I would see a big pile of Sent emails (that I didn't send) or Spam returned emails in the email folders. The time I spend trying to figure out who did this or how they did it or even call the tech support to the Internet/email supply company to change account information or password is all totally wasted~ I probably can paint a few more paintings from those wasted HOURS to resolve this problem. Really troubled... *Headache*
Technology creates the convenience for the man kind; but also gave us the same amount of headache... XD
*Where is my Peace?*

Thursday, 4 February 2010

clay project for my daughter

My daughter needs to present a "box report" for her class about the story she read. And there are dragon and sea witch (mermaid maybe?) in the book. We tried the air-dry clay at first but they were all cracked after a day or two. Then we tried the polymer clay (shown in picture). The polymer clay is a better compound to make these little figures and so far they haven't cracked yet. We are going to bake them over the weekend once the stove is free... (from cooking?) Just for your eyes only ~
My son thought the dragons were Dinos... XD

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fantasy Rapunzel

Rapunzel is an interesting story. When reading fantasy stories as a kid, I never thought that the story involved child kidnapping (by the witch?!) Anyway, the longhair part is the most funny part that the guy can actually climb with it as rope. XD Anyway, fantasy is fantasy. Try not to think about it too deep when reading to a child because they will keep ask you "why? why? and more why?" I told my kid about the moral of the story --- It's time for you to have a hair cut... XD
In this painting, I was trying to practice on my cloth folding texture with watercolor. It's fun to paint the textures. Definitely will try again, maybe with another fantasy story~

Fox and Pansies

Got some watercolour papers that was kind of thin and hard to work on... I like the super thick paper like 140lb one this is an experim...