Monday, 26 September 2011

New web look for Patricia Studio, New service for Custom Logo Design

Recently I've tried to "revovate" my website; and change the Zen-carts store back to just the plain HTML... For the rest of the products, I'll just post them on ETSY and Zazzle for now. Since both of them are pretty good, plus Cost effecient... for a person like me that most of the time is working and taking care of family, posting new artwork or craft products may not be as fast as before when I still host my ebay store because it really take time to manage on-line with constant updates with new items to keep it alive. However, my love for painting and craft is still the same, and when I'm ready to retire in 20 years, I'll be the road show artist for sure!!!! LOL
*for now, I still need my steady pay cheque to pay my mortgage...*

In my new site, I have the new service for Custom Logo and stationary package available!
Pricing is under this link:
If interested, welcome to email me at

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