Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"Businessmon" cartoon illustrations

I've been making illustrations with Adobe Illustrator program recently, and found it's very fun to create cartoon style illustrations~ This is what I was doing lately, combining AI vector game background and elements with some funny characters I made --> the "Businessmon" series... LOL
The series will be mainly business concept mini cartoon illustration... Maybe one day I'll make it into a game app? Just a thought, only if my daughter she has time to program it for me... hahaha, I am a 2D artist with no programming skill. Surprisingly my daughter she has been learning game and app programming at school and was pretty good about it. Back in my old school age, I don't even have internet till I was in late teen-age... 
Soon we will be walking on Mars... 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vector Background Art Illustration

Practicing on vector background game art illustration...
Using illustrator, making a background is like scarp-booking...
First I have to draw all the elements, put them on the side. Then stick the base background at bottom and then glue all the little elements on top of it one by one... But instead of gluing, you just copy and paste... =)
It was fun making them~
For the theme choice, I don't know why this scene just popped into my mind... I'd made two different colour versions. Maybe later I will draw rippers, skeletons and zombies... LOL

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Using Illustrator Making a Profile Image

Actually, other than photoshop and real pen/paper, another tool I use a lot is Illustrator program. I like how it can make the lines and shapes very clean and sharp; also it's in vector so you can enlarge or shrink your illustration to different sizes and still keep it's clearness.
Here is how I illustrate a profile image using illustrator program.
First I did up a sketch on photoshop and then copy it to illustrator program. After that I drew the colour lines/shapes and put them all together. The image below shows the sketch, first coloured drawing, and then the final profile drawing with some outlines added and a bit gradient effect in some areas...

This is how the image was created, the background and the foreground character.

And the character herself is assembled by a group of components.
Just make sure each component is in the right order.
Normally I'll drew out each part, and group the part together before I make them to the front/forward or to the back/backward.
In this character, top order is the cape/robe, hat, hair, facial parts such as eyes nose mouth, then face with neck, and the hand/book will be at the bottom.

My New Easter Books Arrived!!!

I thought the actual books will come after Easter... As per Amazon, they said they will got mailed out on April 23.. But I got them today!!! So happy~ My first book baby ^o^ It actually has ISBN barcode at the back...

But it still not too late to get the eBook version... LOL
This is the ebook link on Amazon ~~~

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Once upon a time... when we played monopoly... New FB cover photo

Taking so long to finish this painting...
I've made it into my fb cover photo.

See here:
This is the original painting... But I seem like the one on the FB cover photo after erasing the background a little bit... I was planning to paint another dragon at the back scene, but got no time... XDD

Patricia Chu Illustration

Thursday, 10 April 2014

New facebook site for Patricia Chu Illustration

This is my new facebook site for Patricia Chu Illustration.
I will be updating the illustration project painting stuff here.

And my facebook under Patricia Chu will be just for friend and family or sharing other misc stuff~ Cool ^O^

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Different colouring techniques WIP

Trying out different colouring techniques, work in progress~
Always want to try to colour monotone and then tint it with colour...
Let's see how it will go =)

The Giant Easter Egg Mystery - available on Createspace

The hard copy is available on Createspace now. It should be ready on Amazon for purchase next week ... should..... be.... LOL

Friday, 4 April 2014

New Sketch - angel and succubus

draw something to try out some colouring techniques =)
angel and succubus playing monopoly ^o^...

New Book - The Giant Easter Egg Mystery - Available on

My first funny eBook story is now on, available through Kindle readers
~ The Giant Easter Egg Mystery ~
*after I wrote it, now I found so many Egg Mystery on line...XD... oh well*
Soon the hard copies will be available for online purchase too~ catching up with Easter ^0^
Glad that it's done and I can move on to the next story and other projects~~
The Giant Easter Egg Mystery

Sleepy Cats Bookmark Illustrations

Just want to do some casual painting with the sleepy cats... Gouache painting on watercolor paper 2"x6.5" in size Top: Ca...