Monday, 19 October 2009

First Day at the New Store~

I think I'd been self-employed for too long that I'd forgotten how stressful to work for someone else... Anyway, as long as it pays the bills at the bottom line... First day at new place, I felt like it's Valentine's day or Mother's day for me. Customers lining up in front of me all needs to ask/pay something. Sometimes I asked myself that if I look more friendlier than other workers that why they all want to ask me but not others... >O< I even cut my finger by accident with the broken glass from the popped frame that I was going to put back to shelf. Luckily it was not major and other staff help me to clean up quickly and first aided me with something. Hope that today I made all the mistakes and next time I won't make them all..... hopefully... let's cross our finger. Why do I switch from self-employed florist to other people's employee? I guess the main concern is I don't have to worry about the business after the hours are done. I can be with my kids and family and not to kill my brain cells off with all the other stuffs I have to deal with related to business. Just work and get paid. easy and simple... hahaha for now... maybe I'll change my mind again; but at lease let me try this one first and see how long I can stand it for.

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